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The really, really nice things readers have said

Thanks for your newsletter and all that you do. I have greatly reduced the number of newsletters I receive and read, but yours is one of my faves.-Maya Talisman Frost

Your on-line newsletter tips are always so great, I’m sure that you’re about to ask me something wonderful!-Tonia L. Benson, Development and Communications Director
Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

Hi Jes -I just finished writing my latest newsletter – a complete new one, instead of the drivel I wrote the other day. And I just wanted to say THANKS for your latest newsletter for helping me realize how important it is to send a message that really connects. Reading it jolted me out of the rut I was in, and my clients will be the better for it.

Thanks a ton – count me in as a BIG fan!

Jennifer Hofmann
Inspired Home Office

I loved reading your newsletter – I was glued to it, actually.-Phil Jamieson, Inc.

I enjoy starting the week with your cheery and action-oriented voice. Sometimes I’ll open your newsletter right away for motivation purposes. :)-Laura Peterson
New Horizons In Education, Inc.

Hi Jessica,Thanks for continuing to surprise my inbox with your delightful NIF newsletter. It’s one of the very few I can’t imagine unsubscribing from. I’m grateful you decided to stick with it – it’s tops!

-Rita Wespi
Math Matinee – “Math for the fun of it!”

I do appreciate your wisdom.
-Anne Schrock
La’NÉ Enterprises
I think your e-newsletters are very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work, Jessica.
-April Zvan
I want to thank you for the great tips you offer. As my newsletters grow, I watch for ideas to improve and streamline them and you help with that.
-Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
Your Spiritual Home
Thanks for the enthusiasm in your newsletter — it’s always a boost.
-Ian Stronge, Technical Writer, UK
(Ian_Stronge AT
Thanks for your latest newsletter; I like the idea about playing the role of a pirate! Your assistance this year has been invaluable. Thank you!!!
Hi Jessica,
I’ve never responded before – too busy, BUT I decided to follow your request for a dialogue to say:I feel like I know you. Not like a best friend or anything, but like a colleague or associate perhaps. I like your style, your warmth, your information. I relate to it, and to you, somehow. If we lived in the same city (I’m in Toronto, ON, Canada) I’m sure we’d enjoy each other’s company for a coffee or a lunch.

Thanks for everything.
-Debra Dowdell
Power Your Practice

Wow – fabulous ideas. I’m always so impressed with your newsletter – always read it, love it, find it useful, want to archive it, etc.!Keep up the great work.

Christi Collins, H.H.C., AADP
Boston Health Coach

Admit it: you like the idea of playing the role of a pirate, too

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