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Company Newsletter Design 101

By Jessica Albon

When hiring us to do a company newsletter design, clients are often curious about the process. They wonder how long it will take, whether there are any on-going fees for the design (like licensing fees), and why it’s worth the investment. Let’s explore the answers to these concerns!

How long does a newsletter design take?

Though the time line varies depending on the project with very simple designs taking less time and complicated designs taking longer, on average a newsletter design takes about 6 weeks. This gives the client plenty of time to think through and give their feedback and also leaves time at the end for the technical parts of the process (which you won’t be involved in, but which do take some time to finalize).

If you don’t have six weeks to wait, your project can be rushed. Before asking for this upgrade, though, make sure that you have lots of availability for the project–your quick feedback makes a real difference in how long things take.

Truthfully, though, the six weeks will pass more quickly than you’d expect and most of our clients find that that’s just the right amount of time to write their first issue while we’re doing the design work.

Are there on-going licensing fees to use the design?

Once we design a newsletter for you (and you’ve paid the associated investment), the design is yours. When we purchase artwork or photos for your project, we purchase them as royalty free (which doesn’t mean it’s free, but it does mean there’s no additional future fees). This means there are no on-going royalties or licensing fees associated with the design we create for you.

Why should I invest in a custom email design when there are free templates available?

When it comes to your company’s image, it’s well worth investing in something that will give you a professional, polished identity. What’s more, you’ll easily spend hours (and hours and hours) finding a free template you like and then tweaking it. Better to hire a professional from the get-go and get exactly what you want easily.

The real reason people tend to wonder about this is that they don’t want to be foolish for having invested the money. So, let me reassure you–investing in your business, and in the design you’ll use to keep in touch with your very best clients is absolutely good business. It’s not silly to want your materials to look great and in today’s economy where any fly-by-night can use a free template and start sending a newsletter your reputation absolutely hinges on standing apart. A great newsletter design personifies your experience, your background, and your dedication to your clients in a way that a free template simply can’t.

Email marketing works! As long as you do it right, that is. I highly recommend Jessica Albon's guidance and advice on starting and running a newsletter at

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